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Vidita Subbarao

Posted on March 22 2018


Zofie is beyond thrilled to see that this year’s Fashion Week runways not only highlight the inclusion of race, religion and culture, but the empowerment of women!


From women empowerment verbiage on apparel to the “#MeToo” movement, Zofie stands behind and supports all forms of improving women’s confidence and stature in society. Here, at Zofie, we are committed to the importance of synergy -- a magical blend of race, religion and most importantly, culture. We are dedicated to embracing every culture, stirring up discussions stemming from our clothing and celebrating all walks of life to ensure you feel included. We know that everyone has their individual, untold story... and we are here to listen. Known for our bold color and print, our goal is to make you feel strong, inspired and empowered when wearing your unique and special garment.


Fashion is one of the few industries dominated by a female workforce. Zofie is thrilled and proud to be a part of this industry as we thrive on the inspiration, creativity, skill and dedication women in fashion have displayed. An all women Zofie team strives to motivate and encourage women on a daily basis. Our efforts first begin by supporting our female artisans. The hand crafted artwork on the Banaras Sunrise Dress was designed and created by Alka Aggarwal - a fabric designer from New Delhi, India. Alka has been designing fabrics for decades and specializes in hand block printing. By supporting artisans like Alka, we ensure that the hand block printing art form stays alive and women artisans continue to thrive in a global economy.


As Zofie continues to flourish, we look forward to continuing the support of our current artisans as well as for what is to come!  

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